I was tasked with creating a new restaurant to be featured in Kent State University's student center. After going back and forth between multitudes of people, we finally decided on a pizza place.
We provided four potential names and let the students get involved by choosing the name they liked best, which happened to be Homeslice Pizzeria. 
I got to work with the Division of University Communications and Marketing to create and finalize it, and then got the opportunity to work in-person with those installing the designs as well.
Check out this link to see what Kent State's College of Communication and Information had to say!
Below, I have some of my first drafts of the Homeslice Pizzeria logo. Although we, the culinary services marketing team, liked the logos on the left, there were a couple things I had to keep in mind.
The first and most important thing I had to remember is the atmosphere the restaurant would be going in. I decided the first round looked more "so-ho" than "college student center." This made me change my route from the cut-up look to the friendlier, more emphatic typeface on the right. Between creating these drafts and the final logo, I made adjustments.
From here, I had to keep up the branding as we promoted the restaurant a bit more, ranging from social media posts announcing events it was holding (such as free pizza on Pi Day) to a-frames directing people where to go. Below I've attached a couple social media posts I've had to create, as well as an a-frame I got to make.
For this project I utilized Adobe Illustrator and Procreate on iPad Pro.
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